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As soon as you talk to us, you know what makes us different. Honest advice, efficient service and that local touch.
With The A-TECH, it's not just about technology; it's about you, and what you want to accomplish.
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Our primary goal is to keeping you safe online and off, but we don't stop there.
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  1. Joel and Bethany have been extremely quick and responsive to my cry for help whenever something went wrong with my mac laptop. They coached me and taught me, improved my system and were polite, caring and efficient in their response. Their rates are also reasonable and honest. Thank you so much for your help!
    Heidi Jefferson Teacher
    "Extremely quick and responsive"
  2. Over several years Joel has been my go-to guy for computer-related challenges and opportunities with my Mac laptops. His responses are timely, and he is able to explain options in a way I can understand. His knowledge of cybersecurity issues and protections is extensive and much appreciated for someone like me who does not track them closely.
    Walt B.
    "Explains options in a way I can understand."
  3. I use my computer for both business and personal needs. As many computer users have experienced, I was having issues with my laptop. It was aging a bit and running much slower than it should. Joel diagnosed it and presented my options, and I decided to replace it. So he gave me recommendations for a replacement laptop, and then loaded all my software and old data onto the new machine. The “painless” part of working with A-Tech is what I appreciate. I highly recommend their services for personal or business needs.
    Karen Carbone Naturopath
    "The 'painless' part of working with A-Tech is what I appreciate."
  4. About a year ago, I began having serious problems with my e-mail which my previous computer tech was not able to resolve after significant effort. I reached out to A-Tech for help. Joel was able to resolve the issue and it has not come up again. I signed up for the annual maintenance plan. I've had other computer issues arise, but have found them responsive, persistent and always able to resolve the issues. I have no hesitation what-so-ever in recommending The A-TECH to any one with a computer. They're professional and get the job done.
    James Carbone Attorney at Law
    "Persistent and always able to resolve the issues"