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Online or on-site... For us, it's all about building trust.
We often take for granted how great technology is... until it stops working. And that seems to happen a lot, doesn't it?  Sometimes it feels like you spend more time fixing it than using it.

So something bad happens, and you're not sure what to do. Your entire life is in this machine!
And now it suddenly won't boot up - and you can't remember the last time you backed up your files... And on it goes.

Who do you trust to give you honest answers when good technology goes bad?  You may have a friend or relative "in the tech business."  But do you really want to strain that relationship by asking for help with your issues?  Even if you go that route, that may not even be their area of expertise, so you risk making things worse.

We've decided to take a different approach.

We believe that it is much more effective to be pro-active, rather than react just when things go wrong. That's why all or our plans include managed security software as well as active, remote monitoring and maintenance. That way, we can make sure your hardware is running as it should be, and that you have the latest software patches, security updates, etc. -- to help keep bad things from happening!

But we don't stop there. We also know that people can inadvertently get themselves into trouble. With just a little bit of guidance, most of those situations can be avoided. That's why we want you to feel free to ask your questions, even if you think it's silly -- before you dig yourself in too deep. ;-)

Here is a brief list of things we can help with:

  • How-to instructions
  • Security questions or issues
  • Mac/PC/Linux troubleshooting
  • Windows/macOS updates issues (all versions)
  • New/updated PC/Mac orientation
  • Track down and remove viruses and malware
  • Hardware/software purchase recommendations
  • Installing new software or removing unwanted software
  • Organizing folders and safely cleaning out junk files
Joel & Bethany Kennedy have been helping people with technology for decades. They have been doing it professionally since 2010, when they founded The A-TECH on beautiful Whidbey Island, near Seattle. Today they live near Bellingham, WA with their eight kids.
Whether you email, call or talk to us in person, we want you to feel important. Because you are!
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